Video Trends in the Food Industry: Part 5


The Power of Junk Food Through Video

The food and beverage industry spends approximately $2 billion per YEAR marketing to children. In comparison, the fast food industry spends more than $5 billion per DAY marketing unhealthy foods to children.

Junk food companies target today’s youth through video advertisements, using popular, kid-friendly websites and TV stations as a platform for their messages.

What video techniques do junk food companies use to lure in the adolescent audience?

-The inclusion of catchy jingles/popular songs in video is a well-known video marketing technique, which contributes to product recall for young audiences.

-Certain audiovisual techniques, such as rapid pacing, action shots, loud music, close-ups, and rapid cuts are used to encourage positive emotions in the adolescent viewer.

-The use of child actors in videos, particularly in a setting where they are having fun with friends while consuming the product is a popular tactic.

-Turning food into entertainment, where the brand is “linked to a desirable emotional state” is another technique.

-Celebrity endorsements are a huge trend in the junk food industry. Most young children have not yet been informed that celebrities are paid to pose with certain brands and that the likelihood of their favorite celebrities actually consuming these unhealthy products is slim.

-Verbal descriptions of junk food characteristics, such as taste, smell, or texture is another marketing tool used in junk food ads. For example, if you were to go look up any cereal commercials, I guarantee you would find brands that describe a “crunchy” or “chocolaty” flavor.

-The use of fictional characters in junk food videos may be one of the most widely used techniques of all. Tony the tiger, Kool-Aid Man, Ronald McDonald, Trix Rabbit, Pillsbury DoughBoy- these are just a few of the brand mascots kids grow up with, which help brands to last a lifetime.

Junk FoodPhoto credit: _skynet / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Junk food videos have become much more than sales ploys to children. The power of these videos is revealed in the childhood obesity epidemic experienced by today’s society. Several studies have deemed junk food ads to play a crucial role in adolescent eating habits and attitudes about food. Children with access to junk food videos are trained to recognize unhealthy brands from a very young age. See for yourself in this video !

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