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Video is an increasingly popular media form and more companies and organizations have been turning to video to send their message across to clients and employees. Real Estate agencies are one of the sectors beginning to take advantage of the benefits of video marketing, however, it is still greatly under utilized.


Some agencies have been getting ahead of the video marketing trend and have an assortment of videos available on and offline. You might even see links to a YouTube channel on an agency’s home webpage.


If you don’t think video is necessary for the real estate industry, check these facts – In January 2013 Google and National Associations of Realtors released their Digital House Hunt Reports. They combined their research to find trends between digital media and the new homeowner house search and found that:


–       90% of home buyers search online during their home buying process

–       Buyers use video and YouTube as online tools during different phases of the search process

–       New home buyers place emphasis on virtual tours and video showcasing properties and communities

–       16% of new home shoppers will watch an online video about a home on their mobile device


This is a three part series explaining how real estate companies can better utilize video. It will focus on residential and commercial real estate with part 1 featuring how video can help with showcasing real estate – it will address issues of time, viewerbility, budget and what some agencies are already doing. Part 2 features commercials – what makes a winning real estate commercial with examples from my top two. Part 3 will feature what else can you do with video – content videos and some hilarious viral videos.


The series will feature examples of who’s doing it right? Who’s doing it wrong? And how Green Buzz Agency can help make your video ideas into reality.


Photo Credit: Digital House Hunt

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