Why Your Videos Need to Be Optimized for Mobile Viewing

Why Your Videos Need to Be Optimized for Mobile Viewing

The increasing availability of public Wi-Fi hotspots, coupled with the growing number of video-capable smartphones and tablets, has resulted in a huge increase in the number of consumers watching video on their mobile devices.

This increase has been so huge that experts like video analytics company Ooyala are forecasting mobile and tablets to account for half of all online viewing by 2016!

Record Growth for Mobile and Tablet Videos

Mobile video viewing isn’t growing steadily – it’s skyrocketing. From Q4 2011 to Q4 2013, mobile and tablet online viewing increased a huge 719%, with viewers now spending more than half of their time watching videos on their mobiles.

And, according to Ooyala’s Global Video Index Q4 2013 report, in Q4 alone, mobile and tablets increased their share of all videos watched online by 43%.

Jonathan Wilner, Ooyala’s VP of Product, said the reason behind this growth is two-fold.

“It is an increase of premium content that is available. And underneath the covers, it is a technological change that is happening with much better tablets and phones and much better wireless coverage that allows people to do streaming outside the home in particular.”

Optimizing Videos for Mobile Viewing

ABI Research expects mobile video viewing per user to reach more than 21 hours a month by 2019, up from 12.7 hours in 2013. It is also expected that 89% of pay-TV providers will support tablets as part of their multiscreen service by 2015.

So how can brands and businesses make the most of this opportunity?

The first step is to ensure that all videos produced and uploaded are viewable on mobile devices, whether the platform be Android or Apple.

Next, brands need to begin building cross-device experiences to engage and interact with their viewers. Mobiles and tablets have become, as Ooyala puts it, as critical to consumers as packing a toothbrush and a good read for the beach.

“Brands and broadcasters looking to take advantage of accelerating mobile adoption to leverage their video inventory need to understand who’s watching, when they’re watching and on what device they’re watching.”

“Our data continues to show major shifts in the way people consume TV and video, pointing to a global opportunity for broadcasters… to engage and increase their audience and maximize content rights monetization.”


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