Vimeo Launches a Live Streaming Service

Vimeo Launches a Live Streaming Service

After waiting for so long, Vimeo finally launches a live streaming service which allows events to offer high-quality video to their viewers. Here are the list of updates that are included in Vimeo Live.

Vimeo is usually known for their excellence in video quality. The new streaming service allows delivering of H.264 videos with the highest resolution of 1920×1080, maximum of 60 fps, and a limit of 7 Mbps. You can customize the embeddable player with your own colors and logo.

The service lets you use different broadcast encoders that would allow you to stream the content at optimal quality for your bandwidth.

With the new service, Vimeo hopes they can increase the viewer engagement by offering email capture during the event, live chat, real-time streaming performance monitoring, and analytics after the live event.

After the live streaming you can replace the video with up to a 4K version. If you are worried about reaching your storage limit quickly, Vimeo Live’s storage starts at 3 TB with their lowest plan. They also give you the opportunity to sell the videos for a later viewing.

Their service starts at $75 per month which comes as a bundle with the features of their current Vimeo Pro or Vimeo Business plans.

You can learn more information about the newly launched feature by visiting Vimeo Live’s page.

[via Vimeo]

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