Vimeo now lets creators collaborate and review in real-time

Vimeo now lets creators collaborate and review in real-time

Vimeo is quickly drifting away from being merely a site to share video content, to a place where artists and videographers can actually build a creative vision. Underscoring this point, Vimeo today launched all-new video review tools, available to its Vimeo Pro and Vimeo Business members.

These tools let filmmakers and creatives share, collect feedback, and annotate videos, all in real-time.

At the forefront is what Vimeo calls Sharable Review Pages. Creators can now generate a sharable review page from within the video, which can be passed to an unlimited number of reviewers for feedback.

From within this, someone viewing the video can click on an element and leave their own time-coded notes. Alternatively, a reviewer can start typing their feedback, and hand-write a time code once they’re finished.

This feedback isn’t a one-way street, and video creators can respond to individual notes.

Sharable Review Pages, and the entire suite of collaboration and review tools, are available from today for no extra cost. All you need is a Pro or Business account.

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