VLOG – 02-16-2011 – 48 LED Light Review

A small review on the 48 LED UFO Camping Light. Thanks to Emmagination (cheesycam.com/​) I would of not have known about this light. If you don’t follow “Em” you should! Definitely because of him I’m going broke.

The 48 LED Lights are very comparative to the “R”. I’ve never owned one, though I was about to get one but for $100 seems a bit steep for something that could be made for less than $5. You could actually buy the 48 LED UFO Camping Light for cheaper than $10. On ebay you can find them for as low as $1 from China, or $10 in the USA.

The lights are actually somewhat interchangeable. You can press a button and instead of having all 48 LEDS on you can have 24 on, starting from the Outer ring, then to the inner ring, then to having all 48 back on. I would assume to conserve power? All in all I’m happy with the light it sets out. Not bad for $10, eh?


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