Watch a YouTube Video, Donate Cash

Watch a YouTube Video, Donate Cash

YouTube is making it easier for its video creators to share money with the nonprofits they love.

The Google-owned video site quietly rolled out donation cards to some of its U.S.-based content producers, the company confirmed in a blog post. Users need only choose a donation card when uploading a video and share it with their content. From there, viewers can send a donation to the creator’s preferred nonprofit.

According to Serif Hamdy, YouTube For Good Program Manager, the program is available only to IRS-valid 501(c)3 public nonprofit organizations. YouTube plans to expand its philanthropic program as time goes on.

“YouTube has over a billion users. That’s almost one-third of all people on the Internet,” Hamdy said in a statement. “And every day those users watch hundreds of millions of hours of video, racking up billions of views – which are now billions of opportunities to do good.”

This follows a similar move last year from Facebook, which made it easier for nonprofits to highlight their Pages and solicit donations through its service. Amazon, meanwhile, shares a portion of its revenue with charities that sign up through its platform.

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