We Added Video to Our Email Marketing Campaign – And It Worked!



Add Video to Your Email Marketing Campaign

Add Video to Your Email Marketing Campaign

Last December, we launched an email marketing campaign to promote our new corporate web video production service using professional video spokesmodelsimpartvideo. The campaign was very simple: A single email blast, landing page, thank you page, and an auto-respond email for those who filled out the form. We included a video component in each step of the campaign, except for the auto-respond email.

Needless-to-say, the campaign did very well!

How did our click-through-rate improve with video in the email? We experienced a 57% increase in clicks compared to our email marketing campaign average. Yes, I will take that increase.

Where did people click in the email? We had three call-to-action buttons. The first was a thumbnail image of the video on the landing page. We included a play button and the text “Click to Watch this Video!” Right below the video thumbnail was a “Get Started Today!” button. The third call-to-action button was at the bottom of the email, which also said “Get Started Today!” Here are the results:

  • 85.7% clicked on the video thumbnail
  • 14.3% clicked on the “Get Started Today!” button just below the video thumbnail
  • 0% clicked on the “Get Started Today!” button at the bottom of the email

So, what about the conversion rate on the landing page? We had a 28.6% conversion rate! More than one in four people that visited the website from the email campaign submitted the form. That is really good considering most landing page conversion rates, according to HubSpot, average between 5-15%. Talk about getting qualified leads!

Finally, how was the video on the thank you page received by those who filled out the form? 100% appreciated having a person saying thank you and explaining what they could expect next.

The final analysis: Video is engaging and should be added to your email marketing campaigns. Video increases traffic to your website and increases landing page conversion rates.


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