Webinar: Transform your festive marketing using dynamic, data-driven video

Every year during the holiday season, we celebrate togetherness. It is this time of year that we dedicate ourselves to sharing special moments and experiences with loved ones; from sharing meals with one another, to Christmas shopping and watching classic films together. It’s the one time of year that differences appear to dissolve and for just that season, the same songs and stories mean something to us all.

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However, the holiday season for 2020 looks to be a bit different than those we’ve known before. With no idea of when Covid-19 will finally be under control, health and government authorities continue to advise the public to socially distance as much as possible. As such, more consumers are opting to buy online instead of visiting a store which leaves retailers in a position where they must re-think their traditional Christmas marketing strategy. While customers may not feel safe to shop instore at the busiest time of the year, they still want that special, only at Christmas-time flair that defines every retail experience this time of year.

It is the brands that are able to adapt to this change of circumstances and create compelling retail experiences using cutting-edge, digital tools that will fare best in this uncertain environment.

In collaboration with Spirable, a pioneering dynamic creative platform, The Drum’s webinar explores how implementing data-driven video marketing can improve the customer’s experience of your brand. In just four years, co-founder Ger O’Meara and Dave O’Meara, have grown this revolutionary platform into a global business, operating in over 50 countries and generating over 100m videos across the major social, CRM, messenger and display channels. Their work has left a lasting imprint on the digital advertising industry and has opened up many opportunities for advertisers and consumers alike.

Spirable co-founder Ger O’Meara will be joined by Lauren Evans, cmo, Spirable and Julia Kucharzewski, global digital innovation manager, Diageo and The Drum’s Chris Sutcliffe to delve into this topic. Kucharzewski will be discussing Diageo’s recent campaign Message in a Bottle which enables family and friends to celebrate some of life’s unforgettable memories and occasions through a bespoke video message.

Attendees of the webinar will gain an exclusive glimpse into the thinking behind this globally successful platform and how cutting-edge video marketing can be implemented across your digital strategy, from social campaigns to conversion and loyalty campaigns.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How easy it is to use modular assets with dynamic video templates to automate the creation of highly relevant video ads across social, display, messenger, and email channels – making this festive season the most efficient yet.
  • How to increase awareness and engagement using live and contextual data triggers, including in-store traffic data that can advise customers via social ads, when their local store is quietest, and therefore safest to visit.
  • How personalised gifting videos can help drive conversions and provide your customers with a meaningful way of connecting, when they can’t give a gift in person.
  • How to maximise repeat sales and increase loyalty through a 121 personalised video approach via email, messenger and on your website.
  • How Diageo created a unique personalised video experience for their customers, by enabling them to record their own bespoke video message for the recipient of a bottle of whisky.


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