What Industry Leaders Are Saying About How People Watch Digital Video

What Industry Leaders Are Saying About How People Watch Digital Video

From premium online content to the delivery of cable and broadcast programming via TV Everywhere, the market for digital video is surging. Timed to the NewFronts, we asked participants in our annual Digital Video Guide to share their thoughts about where the digital video market is heading. Here’s what they had to say (and click on the links to read the complete articles):

ICYMI—Your Brand Is in Danger of Becoming Irrelevant
“Gen Zers expect their entertainment, friends, brands and just about everything they engage with to be available whenever they want, however they want, optimized for the moment resulting in instant gratification. YouTube has catered to Gen Z from the very beginning, conditioning the online viewing experience to this audience. Therefore, it’s no surprise that 71 percent of Gen Z stream their entertainment and 61 percent of Gen Z would rather watch 10 hours of YouTube than 10 hours of TV.”

On the Front Line of the Video Revolution
“Despite the ‘TV is dying’ smoke thrown up by ‘disruptors,’ TV will remain the critical center of the marketing mix for a long time, and its reach and social currency are still unmatched. TV Everywhere—programming consumed on digital devices, either live or on-demand—is the largest and most desirable component of the digital video ecosystem. And our agency partners are clamoring for as much TV Everywhere inventory as we can mint.”
—Andrew Capone, SVP, Marketing & Business Development, NCC Media

Targeting Multi-Platform TV
“We know we have to be on every platform. We know that people are watching at home and out of home; we know they’re watching on traditional television sets and on tablets and their mobile devices. So we have to make sure the client’s marketing needs are met on every one of those platforms. We’ve got products that do that today. We are one of the few in any of our markets that can give you linear TV, on-demand TV, TV on IP. We can give you out of home with TV Everywhere ads on streaming devices. We can be everywhere you want to be.”
—David Kline, EVP of Charter Communications and President of Spectrum Reach

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