What other YouTubers besides Grace Helbig have a TV show, YouTube channel, two books, a podcast, a movie, and two songs? What other successful YouTubers are there?



I know that EpicMealTime have their own tv show and became very successful through Youtube. Not sure if anyone else has all the things Grace got but there’s many more successful people than her.

If you ask me, Pewdiepie is far ahead of everyone else. He made probably over 10 million dollars in the last 4 years on Youtube, by making comedy videos using games from his home. In just a few years, by playing games in his room, he pretty much earned enough not to worry for the rest of his life.
I think that is a far better success than any other person who went from nothing to 10mil in 4 years.

Another examples are Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, who make more than 200k dollars a month from gaming videos, also done from their homes at their desks. I think they are the biggest successes simply because the work they are doing now is minimal, they are having fun and basically whatever they upload will get watched by millions of people. Having fans is incredibly powerful and once you have enough of them, Youtube simply takes care of the rest with their suggestions and homepage features.

Of course I’m not saying everything they’ve always done was simple and easy, otherwise everyone and their mother would be Youtube millionaires – I’m simply saying that once they started playing games on Youtube, they never stopped, they watched others and found ways to improve, become more interesting/likable and found games that would be funny and people started watching them. After enough time, their channels became big enough so they would be on the front page of every search for the games they played and Youtube helped them grow, exponentially.

I’m a small Youtuber myself and I understand how difficult it is to “break through” and gain a dedicated audience but once you get it, it can only grow and your job will get easier because Youtube algorithm will take over.



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