What The Best Marketing Videos Have in Common With Must-See TV

What The Best Marketing Videos Have in Common With Must-See TV

With some shows, it’s obvious who the fans are. Some science fiction series have such a loyal following, for example, that people may dress up as their favourite characters and go to comic book conventions. In other cases it’s subtler.

Those making shows, like Game of Thrones, Dancing With The Stars and other TV hits, have learned they can’t rely on superficial clues to understand their audience. Instead, they look at performance data based on when viewers watch, what devices or services they use to watch, and how long or how often they watch. In other words, they take a customer relationship management (CRM) approach to growing their following.

Just like the shows that become “must-see TV,” B2B video content needs to be based on a deep understanding what your audience wants. The data comes from CRM, and the videos become a critical tool in helping sales and marketing organizations reach customers in a more personalized way. Let’s walk through a few quick tips to show you what I mean.

Redefine ‘Appointment Viewing’

TV industry experts once used the term “appointment viewing” to describe shows that viewers would go out of their way to watch, no matter how busy their schedule. B2B sales teams probably wish their customers and prospects were as eager to sit down and talk about their next purchase. Using CRM and video tactically may be one way to start.

A lot of decision makers, for example, start their buyer journey by taking in industry events and conferences. If your firm is appearing or exhibiting at an upcoming event, video can be a great way to help make them aware of your presence and to encourage them to set up a meeting. Besides distributing the video, you can set up a workflow rule in Salesforce to notify your sales reps when more than three-quarters of the clip has been viewed. This is where CRM and video start to work hand-in-hand to build your sales pipeline.

Understand The Value of Repeats

For traditional TV viewers, it can be frustrating when they’re waiting for new episodes and have nothing to watch but repeats. The reverse is often true in B2B: repeat viewing means customers and prospects are actively interested in learning more.

According to a recent study by MarketingProfs, e-mail marketing is one of the most-used features in CRM and marketing automation suites. Video can make e-mail marketing even more valuable because it can allow you to take data on repeat views and segment lists based on the kind of content they’ve enjoyed.

Show You’re Listening

When a popular TV show gets cancelled or a major character is killed off, fans have been known to call and write into the network, or complain on social media. That’s an extreme example of how those creating such programs learn about their audience preferences.

Fortunately, B2B sales teams have a lot more available to them through CRM. This can include what products a company already owns, its typical purchase cycle, key contacts and more. Instead of trying to create a video with broad appeal in the hopes it will somehow go “viral” in an organization, effective use of B2B data cleansing should allow companies to create content that’s more personalized than the “recommended for you” suggestions on consumer video portals could ever be.

B2B videos may never reach the massive heights of must-see TV, but that’s okay. The goal is about being must-see for a targeted audience, who hopefully will in turn feel informed and appreciated, and ultimately motivated to purchase the service or product you’re offering.


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