What Types of Video Content Do Millennials Watch?

What Types of Video Content Do Millennials Watch?

Millennials are the most active video viewers of any US age group, and according to research from TiVo, this demographic primarily watches TV shows.

The October 2015 survey revealed that more than a third of millennial internet users’ primary type of video content is full TV shows. Some 18% of respondents said full-length movies was the main type of video content they watched and 12% said music videos were.

Clips of TV shows, home videos and live events—not including sports—were the least watched video content.

Millennial video viewing habits and time spent with various screens differs, especially as the digital landscape continues to shift. In 2016, there will be 78 million millennial digital video viewers, representing more than 92% of all US millennial internet users, according to eMarketer estimates.

Additional growth in new millennial digital video viewers is expected to remain mostly flat for the foreseeable future, given that video viewing is already near ubiquitous for this age group. eMarketer forecasts that the total audience will increase by 1 million or fewer viewers annually through 2019.

Millennials not only watch a lot of digital video, they watch lots of TV as well. According to Nielsen, US adults ages 18 to 24 watched more than 18.5 hours of traditional TV per week. Those in the 25-to-34 age group watched nearly 25 hours per week.


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