What YouTube Red Gives You for $10 a Month

What YouTube Red Gives You for $10 a Month

Q. What does the paid version of YouTube offer? Do you get better video streaming than on the free site?

A. YouTube Red, Google’s $10-a-month subscription version of its video-sharing site, offers many benefits — and the video playback may seem smoother because the paid service lets you skip the advertisements that play before many clips. On the free site, some videos may load slowly or hang for a few seconds after a commercial, but YouTube Red should avoid that drag with its ad-free presentation.

Google’s Video Quality Report can show you the general streaming quality of broadband services in your area. Credit The New York Times Fotografia de: The New York Times

In addition to doing away with the ads, a YouTube Red subscription brings a few other perks, like a free Google Play Music membership and ad-free audio on the YouTube Music service; Google Play Music members already have free access to YouTube Red. Subscribers can download videos to play offline for 30 days and have access to special YouTube Red Originals content.

If you want to see if the video playback is better without ads, you can try YouTube Red free for a month, but other factors may affect the quality of your streaming on the free version of the site. The speed of your internet connection, network congestion, outdated browser software and plug-ins, memory problems and other issues can also cause streaming glitches. As with other browser issues, emptying the program’s cache and cleaning out its cookie collection might also help improve your viewing.

If you suspect your internet provider’s service might be a little balky, you can use Google’s Video Quality Report to get a general idea of the streaming quality you should expect and compare service with other I.S.P.’ in your area. The Video Quality Report page includes a basic tutorial on how video streaming from the site works and technical information about how YouTube is trying to improve streaming in general.

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