What’s new in the video social media world?


What’s new in the video social media world?


In the past few years videos have become increasingly more visible with the share-ability factor of social media networks. Who doesn’t like watching an interesting clip? Or sharing it for that matter? In this article, Andy Woodruff discusses some of the most interesting innovations in the video sphere.


By Andy Woodruff

Google owned YouTube and Facebook are two giants who find themselves at the greener end of this trend, however others aren’t far behind either. With internet heavyweights like Yahoo and Twitter already desperately working to get their own share of this tempting pie, the social media and video relationship can only be expected to grow higher in the years to come.


Another new application from Twitter which has continuously intrigued users with its 140 character  limit tweets, Vine offers users 6 second tweetable videos. This new service has already caught the fancy of many established brands who have started churning small clips, much alike the highway billboards with loopy lights! It’s being touted as the necessary evolution of Twitter as it gives users the ability to share videos directly from their Twitter.


If we were to judge by the standards with which Instagram shook up the world, Socialcam can easily be the next big thing. Users can record videos directly through their mobile devices and can then upload and share on social network sites of their choice. What makes it important is the opportunity for brands to increase their exposure with a dedicated target market. This is where you can let your virals loose on the world.


Another innovation with video at its centre, Spreecast is quite similar to Google Hangouts and Chatroulette. It allows you to follow your favourite celebrities and also to view their Live Spreecasts. Something more to look forward to!


It is another social media network that allows users to record and share small clips of 15 second duration. The follow option allows users to follow others as well as be followed as they share their skills of impromptu videography. Viddy has already attracted the attention of brands such as Southwest Airlines and General Electrics.


Not very different from Socialcam in what it does, Keek allows users options of tagging and adding captions to their videos with a slightly longer time limit of 36 seconds, which is ample time for a TV commercial.


This comes in as a surprise tool for amateurs who are interested in producing professional quality videos. It not only lets users share their professionally edited videos across different social media websites, but also helps them promote their videos to other users.

All these innovations in video social media are definitely good news for brands and advertisers as it gives them some interesting new tools to experiment and utilise. It’s increasingly becoming much easier for brands to connect to their target market with videos and through a medium which allows for a free flow of communication both ways, making it more engaging, fun and valued. Definitely a good news for the future of videos, which are here to stay.

About the author

Andy Woodruff works at Webvideos. Based in London, Webvideos ltd is an online marketing company providing a full range of internet services, from creative websites, to internet marketing solutions, custom-made web videos and deep technical implementation. All under one roof.






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