Why Adding a Video is Crucial to Your Social Media Marketing?

Why Adding a Video is Crucial to Your Social Media Marketing?

Video has become an essential part of any content strategy and social media marketing. With the additional video features of major social media sites, creating and sharing your videos are easier today than before.

Why Adding a Video is Crucial to Your Social Media Marketing?

Why Adding a Video is Crucial to Your Social Media Marketing?

Most experts recommend being present in the same social media sites as your audience. And if your audiences are on those social video sites, you’ll find yourself getting more leads and conversions.

But Why Should You Take Advantage of Adding Videos?

Reach – Wide

Being visible in those social media channels that allow videos can open up your brand to new audiences and, yes, new potential clients/customers.

YouTube, for example, has more than one billion unique users each day. And if you’re not using it and adding your videos, then you’re cutting yourself off from the large part of the web.

With cross-platform marketing, your videos can thrive on any channel as your videos can be easily shared.

Favored by Google

Yes, Google loves videos too. In addition to static websites, it also encourages users and owners to produce fresh, quality content in a form of a video.

Google also gives preference over image or text results. As long as you define and include relevant keywords in your video, you’re visually alluring to the eye of Google users.

Just think of it this way, which would you choose a text or a video?

Digest Easily

Are you inclined to read a 5,000 word piece just to know the answer to your question or would you simply watch a three-minute video that does the same thing? Most of the time, users will choose the latter because it’s easily digestible.

Even though consumers are hungry for more information, they don’t want to read a long piece and work too hard just to get the details they wish.

With videos, all you have to do is click the “play” button. And we all know that such task is not taxing, unlike reading.

Used by Other Brands

Your competitors are outpacing you in their social media channels because of their videos. As they’re already using videos to entice more clients, they’re reaching out to clients that could be yours.

Thus, to be one step ahead, you should start thinking about integrating videos in your social media updates and your content strategy. Like right now.

Impact on Your Brand

Video social media marketing strategy will have a positive impact on your organization or the product you’re promoting.

When you look at Facebook, for example, updates with videos have garnered more views than text or image updates. This is especially true if the videos are exciting or interesting.


It doesn’t matter what type of business goal you have or what your social media marketing strategy you have in mind. Video can help you achieve and meet your goals. A simple one-minute video can already reach and attract more audiences.

Furthermore, video will also put you and your brand on good terms with the search engine giant – Google.

Most of all, vide won’t put your business behind your competition.


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