Why shall you create internal videos?



Creating a corporate video is a great and joyful job; it has a lot of advantages for your organization and your target audience as well. 
If your target audience is your employees, and you want to spread a specific message internally, why shall the communication team choose “Corporate Video” as the best way to deliver this message?  Simply because this tool reflects a lot of factors:

    1. How much you do care about your employees
    1. How important your message is for the whole organization.
    1. Money wise, a short video is much better than gathering, training, teams dividing and scheduling … etc.
    1. Giving your employees the ability to watch & hear your message a lot of times and any time.
    1. Making your message so attractive, short, clear and hard to be forgotten

We in Miami Production used to work with an organization that has its own internal TV Channel, because they know very well the importance & effect of videos
Now it’s your turn to decide when is your next Corporate Video. 




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