Why Video Advertisers are sticking to Single Video Formats [Study]

Why Video Advertisers are sticking to Single Video Formats [Study]

Video advertisers are following various trends in the advertising era. Video formats play an important role today to convey the marketing message to the audience. The video viewing behavior of the audience has greatly changed with the influence of the various smart technology and video consumption rates. Video formats were also play a great part in video advertising today. There are several platforms are existed on the web in which YouTube is the giant platform of all.

Some platforms can take some specific video formats to upload the content on the platform. So, it is very important o follow the right formats for the video content to reach the more audience across the platforms. But, today video advertisers are choosing the single video formats in their advertising practices.

Advertisers are sticking to the single formats because the formatting of the high quality video according to formats of different platforms was leading to poor quality of the picture and sometimes it is unable to get accessed by the viewers efficiently. So, marketers and advertiser are sticking to the single ad formats while creating the content.

So, they are considering the specific single format accordingly depending upon the platform they choose to advertise. This way can help them to reach the audience even better than previous. With the increase in the mobile video advertising, advertisers are creating the Mobile video friendly videos which can support the various mobile devices with single format which delivers the quality content to the audience.


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