Why You Need To Act Like A Professional Video Presenter

Why You Need To Act Like A Professional Video Presenter

Do you know smiling is the most underestimated skill when presenting on camera?

I see too many people making a mess of their on-camera performance, it’s just cringeworthy. Some video production companies offer 4 hours in the studio with all equipment included, without a director. If you’re saying to yourself, “awesome, where can I do that?”, then you’re not thinking straight. How can you be expected to deliver a succinct and clear video message by being thrown into a studio without the preparation or training?

Present like a pro if you want to be treated like one

Telltale signs that the presenter you’re watching hasn’t had on-camera training:

  • Didn’t look confident or enthusiastic
  • Wasn’t smiling enough, bad body language
  • Sounded like he/she was reading
  • Twitched, looked awkward and fumbled words
  • Just didn’t seem real

But it’s not just about fixing your smile. Professional On-Camera training is my version of the 80/20 rule, except I call it 90/10. Spend 90% of your effort rehearsing before the filming day and 10% nailing it during production. And I mean nailing it. I trained the NSW Police HR department in front of the camera last year and some, who at first read perhaps shouldn’t have appeared on camera, smashed it.

On-Camera Training is continual positive reinforcement that helps…

  • Identify the skills you have
  • Strip out any bad habits
  • Nurture, rebuild, rehearse
  • Re-wire, remind and redo

Be authentic and make every word count

The argument is “well what if I just spoke off the cuff, wouldn’t I get by and sound like a professional video presenter?” and the answer is maybe, but there’s a very high chance that you will waffle, and the message will get lost. Learning how to read from a teleprompter and making it sound authentic, helps get a consistent performance that stays on message and keeps your audience interested. Really, that’s what this process is all about. So before you take the plunge have a think about how the audience will see you in years to come, will it still be believable?


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