Why your landing page needs a video

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We’ve all been to a seminar or some sort of presentation where the speaker bombarded you with walls of text. You distinctly recall those kinds of presentations as being ineffective, and think that they could use some variety by adding images into the mix.


But this practice isn’t just good for presentations. It should be extrapolated to other avenues of presentation for things like reports, portfolios, and especially websites—more specifically, a landing page where you’re trying to market a particular product or service. Showcasing the best aspects of your product is essential here, and trying to do that with blocks of text simply won’t cut it. But often times, static images won’t be enough, either—they don’t add much to the equation besides a “frozen moment in time.”


A great alternative to this would be video, since it allows you to put helpful commentary on top of the different aspects of the service you’re advertising. Additionally, research shows that explainer videos boost conversion rates by 20%—and when you think about it, that makes sense. A short, helpful explainer video has the potential to convey your value proposition in a fun and engaging way. Many companies are beginning to realize this potential and utilize it to its fullest. Dropbox, for example, has reduced the bulk of their home page to a single explainer video. 




But it doesn’t always have to be an explainer video that does all the talking for you. Sometimes, it’s the insight given by other people who have used your service—a testimonial video, in other words—that will satisfy your audience the most. Intuit, for example, does exactly this so that the viewer has the benefit of listening to past customers’ experiences.




Regardless of the kind of video that you decide to use, it should always end the same way: with a tangible call to action. Animoto has picked up on how crucial it is to do this. It’s one thing to present all your features to the audience and then be done with it, but another to motivate the viewer by giving him or her a reason to pursue you. Whether that’s a free quote or consultation, a limited trial, and so on depends on the nature of your product/service as well as your means, so it’s ultimately at your discretion.




The solid stats and backing by the bigwigs has proven that spicing up one’s landing page with video is a recipe for success. There are all sorts of ways to do this, and if you need ideas outside of the one in this blog entry, Google is your friend. All you need to do is get creative, and to avail yourselves of the technology at your fingertips.


Happy marketing!




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