Wibbitz Automates Video Production With Text-To-Video News App For iOS

Devon Glenn on June 26, 2013 11:00 AM

In an era when news stories are created almost as quickly as they are consumed, readers are still squinting to see the stories on their mobile devices.

Today, Wibbitz has released an iOS application that automatically converts text articles into mobile-friendly video summaries right before their eyes.

Co-founders Yotam Cohen and Zohar Dayan spent two years developing the technology, which extracts the highlights from the original text, converts the text into speech, and then merges the story with images, video clips, and infographics to create packaged video summaries that are optimized for a mobile experience.

Dayan said the product eliminates the ”tapping and zooming in and out” to make it “easy and fun to finally enjoy the content again, rather than fiddle with it to make it fit to the screen.”

The technology was originally made for publishers to speed up the production process, but this app puts the readers in the director’s chair. These publishers might not even know it when their story looks like this:

Dayan told us that eventually, Wibbitz will also supply publishers with the technology so that they can use it within their own apps.

Previously, the company’s content-to-video solutions for publishers powered 50,000 sites with more than 17 million unique video views per month.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Wibbitz has raised $2.3 million in funding from Li Ka-Shing’s Horizons Ventures, which is also an investor in Facebook, Spotify, and Waze. Other investors include Lool Ventures, Initial Capital, and Kima.




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