With “YouTube For Artists” Page, Musicians Get A Helping Hand

With “YouTube For Artists” Page, Musicians Get A Helping Hand

Music channels regularly rank among YouTube’s most-viewed outlets, and with its latest hub, the video sharing site is offering assistance to its most melodious users. It has launched YouTube For Artists, through which musicians can find relevant tools, channel optimization tips, and more.

YouTube For Artists is essentially a category-specific version of YouTube’s Creator Hub, which serves as a guidebook for the site’s users. Across five sections–“Overview,” “Music Insights,” “Master The Basics,” “Engage Your Fans,” and “Build A Career,” YouTube For Artists boils down general site-wide tips into specific insights for musicians to act on. A trailer, which features artists like Lindsey Stirling and OK Go, provides a brief introduction:

One of the most exciting features of YouTube for Artists is an analytical tool that will allow users to see the geographical makeup of their respective fan-bases. This service will allow musicians to “figure out where to promote your next single to your fans, the best time zone to release your next video or where you might route your next tour,” according to a blog post from YouTube. While this tool is not yet available on YouTube for Artists, it will be previewed as part of YouTube’s presence during SXSW.

Naturally, YouTube is tying in its upcoming music awards to the launch of its latest hub. Both the YouTube Music Awards (which will take over the site on March 23rd) and YouTube For Artists are examples of the ways YouTube is “working on new ways to celebrate and promote the wide range of artists on YouTube.” More information about the YouTube Music Awards, along with a playlist featuring the winners, can be found on the event’s official channel.


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