You can now watch Periscope live streams on Twitter instead of through app

You can now watch Periscope live streams on Twitter instead of through app

Users of Periscope can now watch the live streaming app while on Twitter.

Previously whenever a broadcast was shared in a tweet, you needed to tap the link to watch it inside the Periscope app.

But from now, for those using iOS, live streams will automatically play right within the tweet and users can click on the video to expand it to full screen.

It isn’t available for those using android services yet but is expected to be rolled out in the next few months.

In a statement Periscope said: “For broadcasters, this means you can reach the massive Twitter audience.

“And for everyone on Twitter, there’s now a richer experience in your home timeline, search results, and on anyone’s profile who’s shared a Periscope.”

Some have criticised the move saying it is breaking away from the community that has built up within the Periscope site.

There has also been concern that apps like Periscope are data heavy, so if your mobile phone is on a low data plan you may need to be careful how much you are consuming.

Periscope was bought by Twitter a year ago. Since it launched in March there have been 100 million broadcasts.

It is one of a number of live streaming applications on the market including Meerkat and Facebook Live for Mentions.

Earlier this year tens of thousands of people went on to the site to watch a live video stream of a puddle in Newcastle.

Users won’t be able to broadcast straight from Twitter though and will still have to use the Periscope app for that.

You also won’t be able to interact with video streams and like content through Twitter.

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