Your Facebook Profile Pic Can Now Be An Animated Selfie

Your Facebook Profile Pic Can Now Be An Animated Selfie

Your Facebook profile is boring as hell. Don’t get me wrong: Your cover image is totally spot-on, your recent vacation photos are gorgeous, and that status update you made the other day about Donald Trump was hilarious. But the whole thing seems a little… static. Don’t you think?

Well, that’s about to change. Facebook will soon allow you to upload short, looping video clips as your main profile picture. The seven-second videos will start looping when another user views your profile.

This might feel like a substantial change to the Facebook profile layout, but it makes sense in the broader scheme of the social web as it exists in 2015. Twitter supports GIFs (and Vines loop automatically on the platform), Tumblr is flooded with mini-animations, Snapchat looms large, and Facebook itself has made a huge push into video as of lately, where so many additional revenue dollars await. It seems only fitting that our profile photos should morph into Harry Potter‘s moving pictures.

The update comes alongside a number of other profile changes, all of which will start rolling out to select users on Wednesday. On mobile, your profile picture will be now be centered, instead of aligned to the left. Facebook has also reconfigured the design of your friends’ profiles, based on how well you know the person. For instance, the profile of somebody you just met will surface different information than the profile of a longtime friend. These are the kind of contextual design modifications that Facebook researchers have been tinkering with for a while.

Facebook will also let you set a temporary profile picture, a smart move given that we sometimes set our profile photos to mark certain occasions, but then forget to switch them back to something more generally appropriate. That photo of you sitting on Santa’s lap as a child is adorable, but it’s almost October.

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