“Does Autocomplete give you results?”

“Does it work for YouTube?”

“How long does it take and why do people charge so much?”

These are just a few of the questions I get asked about Autocomplete. It is kind of a new thing, and people really aren’t sure what to use it for. They are a bit skeptical and don’t want to just jump without getting some assurances.

It’s good to be skeptical, especially when it comes to Google and the latest SEO tactics.

So let’s chat about Google and YouTube Autocomplete…here’s the facts.

I first ran into Google autocomplete years ago when I noticed some negative reviews about a person. When you typed their name into Google you would see something like the following:

John Doe fraud
John Doe scam
John Doe business

Autocomplete can work in your favor, or it can work against you, but the nice thing is you can change it.

In time you can change the results to say:

John Doe business
John Doe reviews
John Doe insurance

This is just one benefit. If you have negative reviews on Google Autosuggest (also called autocomplete) it can be changed or adjusted with more favorable terms.

If you are trying to make a name for yourself, or if you are trying to run a nice business, you do not want negative results popping up in autosuggest. It’s bad news.

Google Autocomplete can also be manipulated in your favor. Meaning we can drive traffic using keywords.

Let me explain.

Here is something we did we YouTube Autosuggest. (if you haven’t noticed already, I am using autosuggest and autocomplete interchangeably. They are the same thing. I want to rank for both keywords so I am using both of them in this article. A different lesson for a different day.)

I wanted Google and YouTube to bring up my company name for the following keywords:

1. Whiteboard Video
2. Explainer Videos
3. Whiteboard Animation

Here are the results. (make sure you are searching in incognito mode)

As you start to type in the word explainer video, Ydraw gets suggested as one of the top picks. Ydraw is in the video business, so YouTube has worked amazingly well. You can check them out at ydraw.com

Obviously you will want to have a good video on YouTube.

I repeat…

If you want to dominate the YouTube Autocomplete, you have to make sure you have a YouTube Channel and some compelling videos for people to watch.

The Benefits…

Since video continues to grow year over year you should really think about a video marketing strategy.

Do you have an explainer video? If not…Get one!

Because the YouTube autosuggestion strategy could be a great way to get viewers.

Let’s assume you are in the financial industry and somebody is looking for investment advice. When they type in “Investment advice” they see your company’s name or your personal name pop up in the top spot.

“Investment advice John Doe”

You will get traffic, which mean more leads, which means more business and money.

As you can see, this is for YouTube. You can do the same thing for Google search, but it takes double or triple the effort.

Word of warning…

Google changes all the time. This is not a “one and done” type of strategy. You need to be persistent and consistent to make happen.

We do offer this type of service for all types of companies. Yinc saw the opportunity and had a machine/software created. We also have a network in place that conducts searches for us manually.You can do this yourself if you and a group of people can dedicate a couple of minutes a day to conducting searches.

The more competitive the keyword, the harder the results.

Happy Searching!