YouTube Changes Ranking Algorithm

In an effort to increase engagement on YouTube, executives in charge of viewer operations have directed a change in the way videos are ranked. The change is significant, and it can drive your channel in an entirely new direction. And it might not necessarily be a positive one. YouTube Changes Ranking Algorithm. The change is part of YouTubes’  ongoing effort in the wake of the providers SuggstedVideos changes made in March. The news wasn’t on the official YouTube blog, instead it was announced on the Official YouTube Partners and Creators Blog.







Number of Clicks Secondary to Video Engagement

YouTube’s head of creator marketing communications, Eric Meyerson, explained that the provider measured over 4 billion hours of watch time in the preceding month. But these numbers paled in comparison to the number of hours the average household spends on TV viewing.  Meyerson stated that if the goal of YouTube is to be “…the most important media in more people’s lives, we’ve got a lot of growing to do.” To get the YouTube service on track for this goal, said Meyerson, YouTube has updated what they call “Video Discovery Features” to incorporate a heavier weight on the length of time a video engages its user rather than how many clicks the video has.

The obvious ramification is that content is going to matter a whole lot more. Where a video used to pop up on search based on the number of clicks it received, it’s now going to have to compete in the area of keeping the viewers on view through the entire video. This is a paradigm shift in the market.


1. The Impact on Video Marketers



This trend follows the general internet search trend towards quality. If your channel is giving viewers the stuff that keeps them glued to the screen, then you’ll do well. But if you’ve been dependant on the catch and release technique, opting for just the quick viewer check in and build the clicks. You’ve got some reassessment to do.


2. How to Survive the Change

The primary recommendation? Make videos that your audience will love and share. Some producers have tried varying the length of their videos in hopes of circumventing the changes. But the results haven’t been fruitful. This really looks like YouTube is following Google’s search lead and looking for quality content.


3. YouTube Analytics Provide Viewer Wants



Keep an eye on your YouTubes’ analytics, and dial in your content to match the trends. This is the power strategy moving forward. The analytics are telling you what the viewers want. All you have to do is watch and give it to them.


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