YouTube Channel Suspended – What to do?

YouTube Channel Suspended – What to do?

YouTube platform has certain rules and regulations that must be followed by the users during their use, if you violated the rules or guidelines of YouTube, their account leads to suspension or termination. Sometimes, you may get the email that your account was terminated though you hadn’t done any violations on the YouTube. At that time, the user can counter file a report to the YouTube with explanation.

Reasons Behind the Account Terminations or Suspensions

  • Violation of Community guidelines repeatedly
  • Severe abusing
  • Policy violation
  • Copyright infringements

YouTube consider all the above as the reasons for the account suspension on its platform. If you have done anything that comes under the above violations, then your account can be suspended and you may no longer can post the videos on your channel and nor you unable to create a new channel on the YouTube platform. YouTube platform also allows you to file a DMCA counter notification if you are suspended under the reason of copyright infringement though you are not infringed any copyrights. This allows the users to retain their account if they are right.

The Counter notifications must be submitted by you only along with the relevant information. And it will not get forwarded to any other party. The counter filing must be submitted using the web form provided by the YouTube which can be accessible via copyright notices section on your YouTube account. It takes some ten days to complete the process and during the time of processing, you are ordered to keep your content down. If you violated more rules then the counter file cannot be accessible by you.

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