YouTube Copyright Law As Explained By Puppets from Glove & Boots

YouTube Copyright Law As Explained By Puppets from Glove & Boots

One of the first articles I ever wrote for this site was about “We Lost Our Gold,” created by Glove & Boots founders Vincent Bova and Damien Eckhardt-Jacobi.  And somehow, unbeknownst to me, the treasure of that web series was dug up back in November.  No one had found it, but when Hurricane Sandy hit New York, the creators dug up the gold and gave it to charity.  Anyway, Glove & Boots remains an entertaining channel on YouTube, and YouTube’s Help channel enlisted them (and lawyer Fred von Lohmann) to explain the ins and outs of copyright, ContentID, and Fair Use.  And it’s awesome.  Hat tip, Tubefilter.

Glove & Boots Puppets Explain the Intricate Copyright Rules of YouTube

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Here’s the set of rules:

  • If you upload original content on YouTube, you’re protected by copyright.  If you upload another creator’s content, they’re protected by copyright.
  • If your original content is stolen by someone else, YouTube has a takedown notice policy.  All you have to do is send a copyright infringement notice.
  • ContentID is triggered automatically when you upload content that has audio or video that has been claimed by another copyright owner.  So while the video is processing, ContentID is already working on the video to make sure it’s completely original content.
  • In some cases, the uploader has paid money for the rights to show copyrighted content, and in that case, people can file a dispute.  The process can start straight from your YouTube Video Manager.
  • There are two ways a video can be removed or blocked: the takedown notice and the ContentID match.  To see the difference between the two, click here.
  • Sometimes, though, the takedown notice is in error, or malicious.  In that case, you can use a counter takedown notice.  Under Fair Use, you are commenting, remixing, or criticizing (and a few other “ings”) copyrighted content.

Thanks, Glove & Boots, for making this boring topic fun to watch!

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