YouTube Creator Rankings Leaderboard – Most Popular YouTube Channels for August 2015

YouTube Creator Rankings Leaderboard – Most Popular YouTube Channels for August 2015

With at least 400 hours worth of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, keeping track of the brands and creators who are generating real engagement on the platform month by month is vital to those in the online video marketing space. In August 2015 alone, videos uploaded to YouTube generated over 55.8 billion views, both organic and paid. In the ‘Most Watched Creators on YouTube’ leaderboard from Tubular, we bring you exclusive data into the channels generating the most views on the world’s biggest video site.

Most Watched: Top YouTube Channels August 2015

The WWE used the hype and success of their Summer Slam event to take a huge leap last month, moving up 4 spots and 85M views take the top spot. Most of the hype (and views) came as a result of having key guest appearances from both longtime fan favorite Ric Flair and Jon Stewart. Channel Netdmuzikk made the biggest leap, going from #9 to #3 on the charts with 436M total views for the month.

Music is Key on YouTube

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift and Netdmuzikk combined for over 745M views in August. Music on YouTube is enjoying great successes. Between playlists and watch time, music keeps viewers engaged and coming back for more, something highly rewarded by the site’s algorithms. At the end of the month, Taylor released her newest video “Wildest Dreams” which has already passed 85M views. She has also had two videos pass the 1 billion view mark in the past month alone, becoming only the second creator to have multiple videos with 1 billion views.

Netdmuzikk continued their march to the top, proving the global appeal of music. Their channel, owned by Doğan Media Group, is a collection of music similar to VEVO but for a Turkish audience. Their biggest video by far was “Gülşen – Dan Dan” which just passed 24.7M views.

Engagement was lower on music videos compared to the engagement king this month, YouTube Superstar PewDiePie. PewDiePie was able to grab 5.1% engagement this month, nearly double the next closest channel in the top 10 for views (Taylor Swift at 2.8%). PewDiePie’s success this month, especially in the engagement category, was from all of the congratulations he received for surpassing 10 billion views on his channel.

July’s #2 channel, TheDiamondMineCart, generated 395 million views last month, up 10 million in August. However, the channel fell two places to #4 on the list. Like PewDiePie, TheDiamondMinecart is also with the Polaris gaming network, a sub-network of Maker Studios. TDM has gained an astounding 1 million views, at a minimum, for every single video posted in August with an average views per video at 2.7M views over a total of 53 new videos posted to the channel for the month.

Rounding out the top 10 this month were Baby Big Mouth, Little Baby Bum, FunToyzCollector and Маша и Медведь which are all finding success reaching a younger audience. Combined these four channels accounted for over 1.5 billion views of the top 10 list. Also on the list at #5 is Buzzfeed Video, who has solidified their place on YouTube this year. Their content is a prime example of how catchy titles, flashy thumbnails and good promotion can land creators a lot of views (378M), solid engagement (2.4%) and strong subscriber base that grew by 382k in August. Their balanced approach to video is proving the value of not only grabbing viewers, but engaging with them and keeping them around for the next video.

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