YouTube Creator Rankings Leaderboard – Most Popular YouTube Channels for July 2015


With at least 400 hours worth of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, keeping track of the brands and creators who are generating real engagement on the platform month by month is vital to those in the online video marketing space. In July 2015 alone, videos uploaded to YouTube generated over 51.7 billion views, both organic and paid. In the ‘Most Watched Creators on YouTube’ leaderboard from Tubular, we bring you exclusive data into the channels generating the most views on the world’s biggest video site.

Most Watched: Top YouTube Channels July 2015

The most popular YouTube Channels last month were creating content around small children, gaming, and sports, with family entertainment creators Baby Big Mouth, and Little Baby bum taking the #1 and #3 spots on the chart. Both channels are aimed squarely at pre-school children, with Baby Big Mouth offering viewers a range of cute unboxing videos and tutorials, and Little Baby Bum uploading a killer mix of nursery rhyme singalongs.

Kid’s Content is a Huge Success on YouTube

Baby Big Mouth’s Channel generated 430M views in July, with its most popular video, ‘Learn Colours with Squishy Glitter Foam!‘, an 11:34 extravaganza on the joys of identifying different hues complete with an (to my grown-up ears) insane laughter-track, generating 11.8 million views. Little Baby Bum, a London-based channel, was founded in 2011 to entertain the creator’s own children (one of whom had the nickname Little Baby Bum) and has since grown to 3.4 million subscribers who have generated 3.7 billion views to date. It’s all original content, with the success of the uploads leading to more professional production values over the years.

The creator’s most successful video is a 54 minute compilation of nursery rhyme, ‘Wheels on the Bus‘ which has attracted a staggering 789 million YouTube views. The most successful upload in July 2015 was part 8 of the Wheels on the Bus series, which generated 10.4 million views. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given their target audience, neither channel generated a great deal of engagement last month, but I guess those 2 year olds were too busy having fun singing along to unboxing videos to comment or share across their social networks, right?

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Swedish YouTube superstar PewDiePie AKA Felix Kjellberg hit the headlines very recently with the news that he’d made an estimated $7.4 million from monetizing his YouTube gaming videos. With 357 million YouTube views in July 2015, adding to a lifetime total of 9,812,033,219, Kjellberg’s success on the video platform seems assured, for a little while longer at least. His channel also saw the highest rate of engagement of any of the branded creators featured in the top 10, and he picked up an extra 804K subscribers last month, bringing his total follower count to just under 39 million. Pewdie’s most successful YouTube upload in July was ‘Let’s Talk About Money‘, a discussion about the amount of money he may or may not have earned from YouTube revenue. Such was the interest in this subject that video got picked up across the Internet, and generated 8.8M views, and 560K engagements for the gaming sensation.Up three places to #2 is another YouTube gaming superstar channel (and Maker stablemate of PewDiePie), TheDiamondMineCart who generated 385 million views last month. The most successful videos for the channel were the Minecraft-focused ‘The Beach Contest‘ with 8.3 million views, and ‘Turning into a Vampire‘ with 7.4 million views.

Top Ten Most-Popular YouTube Creators July 2015

  1. Baby Big Mouth (430M Views)
  2. The Diamond Minecart (385M Views)
  3. Little Baby Bum (382M Views)
  4. Taylor Swift (379M Views)
  5. WWE (379M Views)
  6. FunToyzCollector (369M Views)
  7. Buzzfeed Video (358M Views)
  8. PewDiePie (357M Views)
  9. Netd Muzikk (327M Views)
  10. Маша и Медведь (304M Views)

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