YouTube for Musicians: The Complete Guide

YouTube for Musicians: The Complete Guide

YouTube Guide for MusiciansCD Baby’s DIY Musician Blog has posted a number of articles about how artists can use YouTube to promote their careers. Here are our favorite tips, tricks, tech-recommendations, and interviews, organized below by category, and compiled as The DIY Musician’s Complete Guide to YouTube. Whether you’re going to spend thousands of dollars making a professional music video or just plan on editing some iPhone footage of your last concert, there is something here for you. Click the individual links to read each corresponding article and learn how to create compelling video content that will win you new fans and thrill your existing ones.

The INs-and-OUTs of your YouTube account

YouTube 101 for Musicians: The Basic Terms

8 Easy Tips for Creating a YouTube Channel

How to Optimize Your YouTube Video for Search (YouTube SEO Tips)

Enhance Your Music Video with YouTube Annotations

How to Post Links from Your YouTube Videos

Make Money with YouTube’s Partner Program

YouTube Analytics


Different Kinds of YouTube Videos

12 Kinds of Videos to Promote Your Music

Stream Your Whole Album with One Video Using YouTube Annotations

Music Promotion Tip: Engage Your Fans Using Casual YouTube Clips

YouTube Create: Four Programs for Fun Filmmaking

Invite Your Fans Behind the Scenes

Music Promo Tip: Interview Yourself


Best-Practices and Promotion Tips for YouTube

YouTube Tip: Make the First 15 Seconds Count

YouTube Success in 7 Easy Steps

How to Get Your Music Video to Go Viral

5 Tips to Make Your YouTube Videos Work for You


How to Make Videos Quick and Easy

5 Tips for Shooting Smartphone Videos from the Road

Use iMovie to Make a Music Video in Minutes- iMovie ’11

Shoot & Share: Keep Fans Interested by Making Quick Videos

Making Music Videos on the Cheap

Create Promo Videos without a Camera

DIY Performance Video, Pt 1: Pre-Production and the Shoot

DIY Performance Video, Pt. 2: Post-Production

DIY Performance Video, Pt. 3: Titles & Distribution

YouTube’s New Video Editor: Edit Videos in the Cloud

Video Content Made Easier


YouTube Success Stories

Merton: Interactivity in Music Videos on a Budget

Promoting Your Music Video on YouTube: an interview with Pomplamoose

The Art of the YouTube Music Video: Sock Puppets?

Interview with Mike Rosenthal, Digital Strategist for OK Go, Pt. 1

Interview with Mike Rosenthal, Digital Strategist for OK Go, Pt. 2



YouTube 100: Top 100 Chart for Music

Your YouTube Klout Score

YouTube Copyright School

YouTube Live!

Vimeo: a Worthwhile Alternative to YouTube?

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