YouTube Gets Its Own Festival For The Big Screen

Carla Marshall    |   Sep 5, 2013 @ 4:12pm   |
YouTube Gets Its Own Festival For The Big Screen

In the first event of its kind, The Buffer  Festival, launched by YouTube creator Corey Vidal, will focus entirely on  content created exclusively for YouTube. To be held over 3 days this November,  the Toronto, Canada based festival aims to go beyond the traditional method of  video consumption – desktop and mobile devices – to show that YouTube content  can have that big screen appeal. It will showcase videos by genre and by  specific full-time YouTubers. Guests already confirmed for the event include  Grace Helbig (Dailygrace), The Fine Bros, Hannah Hart, Tay Zonday and Michael  Buckley.

Hosted across different venues still hot from the main Toronto International Film Festival such as the Bell  Lightbox, Glenn Gould Studio and the Scotiabank Theatre, the festival  will feature 50 feature-length shows in two different formats, by topic or  centered around a big name celebrity YouTuber. You can see the trailer for the  festival below:

<img  src=”” alt=”YouTube Gets Its Own Festival  For The Big Screen ”  title=”0″ />Partners of the festival include YouTube itself as well as Canon, TIFF Next  Wave Committee, Cineplex Entertainment and

The event takes place over three days from the 8th to the 10 of November  2013. Tickets go on sale Thursday September 26th.

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