YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts for an improved Video playback Experience

YouTube is the most used online video collection for watching and sharing videos over the internet. Most of us in our free time do utilize this amazing service for entertainment, research and fun. And if you are a serious YouTube fan, you do need to have a knowledge about some of these amazing keyboard shortcuts, to enhance your video playback experience.

1. Skipping Parts of a Video 

Almost every video we see on YouTube starts with some sort of introduction or irrelevant stuff that we always skip. Now you wont have to jump to your Mouse to do that. Simply press buttons 1 to 9 to jump the video anywhere from 10% to 90% of video’s total duration. These numbers do not refer to minutes in the video, so if you wish to start halfway, simply press 5 for 50% when video starts.
These shortcut will not work if the video is already playing, so do use them when video starts. Although putting the video on pause, rectifies this and these shortcuts start working.

2. Tab to select Tool Options

The TAB key lets you reach out to the options below the video player without using you mouse. The options gets highlighted when you reach them. Then you can use ENTER or SPACE to execute. You can reach to following options using TAB.
  • Watch Later
  • Seek Bar – Press any button from 1-9 to skip parts of video.
  • Play or Pause
  • Volume Control – Press Up/Down Arrow keys to control volume.
  • Change Quality – Press ENTER or SPACE to execute, and again TAB to select quality.
  • Large Player / Small Player

3. More YouTube Shortcuts

Here are some more common YouTube shortcuts for a better control over YouTube Player.
  • SPACE – Play / Pause
  • Left Arrow key (<-) – Go back 5 seconds
  • Right Arrow key (->) – Go forward 5 seconds
  • Up Arrow key – Increase Volume
  • Down Arrow key – Decrease Volume
  • F – Fullscreen
  • ESC – Exit Fullscreen Mode
So this is all for today, we hope these YouTube shortcuts comforts your video playback experience a bit more. But keep in mind one thing, that these shortcuts might not work on videos embedded in external websites other than YouTube.

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