YouTube Keyword Research Tips for Video SEO [#TubeTalk #41]

YouTube Keyword Research Tips for Video SEO


What are some good YouTube keyword suggestion websites? Where can you use YouTube keywords? How can you find good keyword tips using your own YouTube Analytics?


Tip #1: Great YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tools

Greg Jarboe recently wrote an excellent post on ReelSEO about the 4 free keyword research tools that video marketers should be using. Tim also has some suggestions for video SEO (aka VSEO).

  1. Wikipedia: Use an incognito/private browsing window so your stored Google data won’t influence your search query.
  2. Google Related Searches: These are at the bottom page of any Google Search
  3. Keyword definitions and related terms.
  4. Keyword suggestions.
  5. Keyword suggestions, but this one has a YouTube tab.

Dane also suggested using autocomplete in the YouTube search bar. Matt emphasized there is a big difference between what people search for on YouTube vs. Google. He pointed out that video keyword data will soon be available in the AdWords tool as a replacement for the now-defunct YouTube keyword tool. For Google keyword searches Matt says if you use the tilde (this character here: ~) before a Google search you get related terms.

Tip #2: Where To Use Keywords on YouTube

Dane Golden offered us a list of places that YouTube keywords could be helpful. Some help with SEO and VSEO, but putting those words in graphics or video or annotations can call attention to key points. If people are likely to search on these keywords, he reasons, then they will likely want to click on them in images and video.

  • Title
  • Tags
  • Description
  • Channel name
  • Playlist titles
  • Playlist description
  • Comment field
  • YouTube hashtags
  • Social media posts that link to YouTube
  • Website
  • Annotations
  • Captions
  • Content or script
  • Thumbnails
  • Graphics in video
  • Channel art
  • Channel icon
  • Custom Bitly links

Tip #3: Find Good Keyword Tips Using YouTube Analytics

[NOTE: This is an old video from Matt but with the exception of the YouTube keyword tool, which has discontinued, the video is still really helpful and the principles remain the same. And it’s pretty darned funny.]

Matt Ballek says that you can find good YouTube keyword tips through your own YouTube Analytics, and you may be surprised by some keywords that are actually driving traffic for your current videos.

Go in your Creator Studio under Analytics -> Traffic Sources. You can define traffic sources by date range and specific video. Clicking on “YouTube Search” will show you which keywords people are using to find you, and how many searches for each video. Then you can optimize current and future videos for these terms. Dane also suggests Google Analytics for keyword searches.

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