YouTube New Ad Formats for Brand Lift

YouTube New Ad Formats for Brand Lift

YouTube has recently announced its latest updates on the various ad tools for the advertisers. The latest ad formats takes the audience towards the product purchasing page after the ad ends. This will help the marketers as well as the consumer too. The consumers will get benefited from the long searches for products. For marketers, they will get benefited with the good growth in sales. The Shopping ads on YouTube become the next trending way for marketers which are similar to the Google shopping ads. These are the click to buy ads which will be within the partner units.

The new formats of YouTube ads are just similar to the cards and the Trueview ads for the shopping. The users click on to the ad to buy the products.the new ad formats by the YouTube platform also helps the marketers to promote the applications in order to reach their viewers online. Especially through the mobile devices because it was revealed that it is the best way to approach the audience via ,mobile ad targeting as the usage has greatly increased.

App Promotion by True View

The TrueView app promotion allows the developers of the apps to promote their products to the YouTube audience on their mobile devices. It also enables the ability to bid on the ad units by the Cost per installation model in pricing. Here the bidder is allowed to set the price to get the particular download. This will increase the interests among the buyers and chance to increase the downloads and for better promotion of the ads too.

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