YouTube Newswire Channel Launched To Facilitate New Media Journalism

YouTube Newswire Channel Launched To Facilitate New Media Journalism

There are certain pros and cons of new media journalism but one of the biggest arguments against it is that often it can be hard to verify information coming in from sources with little or no track record, which ultimately makes it much harder for credible news organizations to trust such information. However it’s not like there haven’t been any initiatives to streamline all of this, and YouTube is jumping into the fray as well. It has launched a new channel called Newswire which aims to facilitate new media journalism.

Pointing out some of the major news-worthy events over the past couple of years, YouTube rightly mentions in its blog post that it is “impossible to turn on the news during a breaking event without seeing raw video uploaded by a YouTube user somewhere across the globe.”

For YouTube Newswire the company has partnered with Storyful, a social news agency with which it has worked with since the protests broke out in Tahrir Square back in 2011.

Simply put YouTube Newswire is a curated feed of the most news-worthy eyewitness videos of the day that are embeddable from original sources and have been verified by Storyful’s editors.

The aim with Newswire is to give journalists a new resource to discover news videos relating to a major event as well as highlight videos from eyewitnesses that offer new perspectives on important news stories.

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