Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

With over 9 billion views, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg’s YouTube videos have been watched more times than any other YouTuber’s — and he’s got the receipts to prove it.

Fusion reports the numbers are in: Kjellberg made a reported $7.4 million from his YouTube channel in 2014.

That’s $7.4 million in revenue from a channel devoted to broadcasting about video games.

And it’s $3 million more than he made in 2013.

Kjellberg’s take-home is heavily influenced by his channel’s YouTube ad sales.

With over 37 million subscribers (more than the entire population of Canada, Fusion notes), the pennies-per-click really start to add up.

The $7.4 million figure is significant when you consider Kjellberg only joined YouTube in 2010.


Despite all the success, Kjellberg joins a large list of social-media stars who insist they aren’t just in the biz for the money.

“I’m just extremely tired of talking about how much I make. In the very few interviews I’ve made, it doesn’t matter how long we’ve talked to each other, the headline is still just about my paycheck,” Kjellberg told Icon Magazine in October.