YouTube Tag Changes For OneChannel


YouTube Tag Changes

We have all been waiting for the New YouTube layouts called OneChannel and it looks like things are starting to roll.

I noticed YouTube is making changes to the video Tags now and I suspect that is in preparation for the layouts. If I understand it correctly, you will be able to use Tags as a “Display Shelf” on the new channel layouts.

When you first go into your Video Manager you will see a message that says – “Add videos and playlist to tags. To add videos and playlist to this tag, find and select them in your Video Manager or playlist Editor, then use the Tag Menu at the top to apply the tag.”

youtube tag message

When you go into the TAG section, you will be able to see all the tags you have used on your videos and how many videos contain each tag. (See picture). This was crazy, I had some tags that I had used way back when I first started and really didn’t want. I found it very easy to remove that tag from all the videos and even delete the tag.

youtube tags list


If the new channel layout will let us display our videos grouped by tags so you may want to do some reorganizing. If you started blindly using YouTube like I did, now is the time to straighten out your mess. ;-)

I still do NOT have the option for the new layout. Trust me when I say – I keep clicking to see if they let me. It would be easier for me to tell you all how things work with it, if I had it to play with. Oh well, I will get it one day.

EDIT 3/7/13 – I have the new OneChannel Layout! I have set up the Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals Channel if you want to see it. It is simple to follow the step by step they show.

Do you notice any other big changes with your YouTube Channel yet?

Does anyone have the new layout?

I’m soooo excited!

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