YouTube teases new creator options at VidCon

YouTube teases new creator options at VidCon

If YouTube seems quiet today, it’s because 18,000 YouTube creators and fans are packed into the Anaheim Convention Center for VidCon!

Founders Hank and John Green call it an “industry conference and a great big party. We want people to make important business contacts to grow their companies and their careers, but we would prefer that they do it while dancing to a rock song about Doctor Who.”

How did I not know about this?

Though the event is open to people of all ages, there are enough young attendees that there’s even a FAQ response to inquires about reduced ticket prices for chaperones.

What’s incredible is that there are an enormous number of fans in the house, all looking for an autograph from their favorite YouTube star. So many, that VidCon’s Twitter feed is filled with apologies for the delays and assurances that they’ll get things right for the next round of signings.

I think this pair of images comparing 2013 to 2014 explains it all:

In honor of the festivities, YouTube announced several new features that are coming soon:

YouTube Creator Studio: Did you know that after Rebecca Black uploaded “Friday,” she went on a school trip, not knowing for several days the video was going viral? To help you manage your videos on the go, the new YouTube Creator Studio app lets you see analytics, manage your videos and more. The app is available now on Android and launching on iOS in coming weeks and you’ll see some redesign of the Creator Studio on desktop too.

Glad to see them emphasizing analytics for creators. It’s the best way to learn about your audience.

Audio Library, now with sound effects: You’ve used the hundreds of free songs in the Audio Library on millions of your videos. But until now, you’ve had to go through extreme lengths to make your own zombie screams and fighter plane sounds. To make your lives easier and videos better, from today you now have thousands of royalty-free sound effects at your disposal. We’ve also added more tracks to the Audio Library.

Love this. Play with these sound effects to add an extra layer of life to your promo videos.

Fan Funding: Your fans aren’t just watching your videos, they’re also helping support your channel through services like KickStarter, IndieGogo, Patreon and more. We’ll be adding another option for you, where fans will be able to contribute money to support your channel at any time, for any reason. A handful of creators are testing this feature soon on desktop and Android, including Dulce Delight, Fitness Blender, The Healthcare Triage, The King of Random, Soul Pancake, Steve Spangler Science, The Young Turks, and Thug Notes. If you’re interested in trying it on your channel, sign up here.

This is going to help even more people monetize their channels and in turn create even better videos.

Creator Credits: Collaboration is a key to great videos on YouTube. You’re already giving your collaborators shout outs in your video descriptions. But what if those text-based shout outs were tags that let viewers click through to their channels, or let you search for a collaborator based on their work and location? That’s our vision for Creator Credits, stay tuned for more.

This is really smart. I watch a lot of videos where they give shoutouts to other channels – I want to check them out but can’t find them. This is also a great way to hitch your wagon to a more popular YouTube channel. Just keep it real and relevant! Hey, Grump Cat!!

Info Cards: Annotations are useful, but not as ridiculously good looking as say, Blue Steel. In the near future, you’ll see our new interactive information cards with a clean look, which you’ll be able to program once to work across desktop, phones and tablets.

Can’t quite picture this one but it sounds good!

If you want to see what else is coming to YouTube, check out the Creator Blog. And keep watching YouTube for vids of the VidCon panels. There’s a lot going on.

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