YouTube testing three new video loading animations in Android app

YouTube testing three new video loading animations in Android app

Google has a tendency to test multiple different designs at once and it now appears to be applying that philosophy to YouTube. As noted by Android Police, YouTube seems to be testing three different new video loading animations in the YouTube app on Android…

The three new animations all vary in design, but appear while you’re waiting for a video to load in the YouTube application. The first animation, shown in the GIF right below, shows a small white dot expanding out to several smaller white and eventually red dots. This animation is similar to the boot animation that appeared in Android KitKat.

The second animation, shown in the first two screenshots below, depicts some sort of half-red and half-white circle. While the third, shown in the final screenshot below, oddly enough shows a dinosaur with three loading dots below it.

It’s pretty much impossible to know at this point which animation YouTube will settle down with, or if any of these will make the cut. Of course, there’s also a possibility that YouTube will just keep randomly trying different loading animations and never pick just one. That honestly wouldn’t seem too surprising at this point.

Which of these animations is your favorite? Let us know down in the comments.

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