YouTube Thursdays – Branding Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Thursdays – Branding Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel Branding

Today, YouTube Thursdays reminds you to create continuity on your social media sites, including YouTube. What do you represent – or what’s your niche?  Does your YouTube Channel reflect your marketing goals? In my opinion, it’s nice to see an image that immediately transports a visitor to your marketplace. It literally sets the scene.

You can also create a logo, a title, or message on your YouTube Channel landing page. Front and center, you’ll be reinforcing your message. This is an important way to showcase your uniqueness – the qualities that set you apart from all the other agents in your area.

One of the distinguishing factors for me is my local videos, many with my dog, McKinley. He tends to get a lot of attention, and my video marketing has been a good source of new business.  Therefore, it makes sense to continue to promote our explorations in Clark County, WA. ( If it didn’t work, I’d be re-thinking that strategy.)

Recently, I added a title to my landing page art, “Exploring Clark County with Mac & Me.” It’s a pretty simple process and YouTube provides a template for optimal viewing results on a TV, desktop, tablet, and mobile device. You can use a variety of software programs to add a logo, or text to the background image you choose.

Here is my Before page for visitors.

Here is my after. ( Still working on it, but wanted to share the process.)

Be sure to leave us a link to your latest video, or YouTube Channel. It’s fun to do some mutual subscribing. Remember, when someone takes the time to like, comment, or subscribe, try to take a moment to repay the favor. That’s the spirit of the Rain.  Happy Thursday!

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