YouTube Turns to TV Advertising to Promote Top Video Creators

YouTube Turns to TV Advertising to Promote Top Video Creators


Just because you are the largest video site on the planet doesn’t mean that you couldn’t do with a little extra visibility on other mediums too, as YouTube is about to demonstrate. On Monday, it will be running television ads to promote three major creators  – the first time the site has purchased TV spots to boost individual channels. Video and banner ads will also run on Google-owned web properties as well as off-line.

With food and beauty two of the top verticals on YouTube it’s perhaps no surprise that stars from those particular categories have been chosen as the subject of the new advertising campaign. Cosmetics blogger and L’Oreal partner Michelle Phan, in-demand teen fashion vlogger Bethany Mota, and baker Rosanna Pansino are the stars of the show. Between them, they have 13 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views across their channels. The 30-second TV spots for each of the creators will run for the next six weeks, and if they are successful, the campaign will roll out to involve other YouTube content partners.

AdAge are reporting that the TV ads will run against shows on teen-friendly national networks ABC Family and The CW, as well as on some local advertising in the form of billboards, subway stations and trains in the Chicago and New York areas. The campaign will also make an appearance on Rovia’s Angry Birds mobile game.

There has been enormous pressure on YouTube to build a more sustainable economic model for a long time. With the lure of guaranteed views for advertisers willing to commit plus of course, the appointment of an ad-focused CEO in Susan Wojcicki, it’s going to be a hugely important year for the site as they fight for ad dollars against their competitors.

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