YouTube Updates: No Lull in War on Troll Comments, Better Mobile Experience for All

YouTube Updates: No Lull in War on Troll Comments, Better Mobile Experience for All

We all know how much YouTubers like change. Spoiler alert, they don’t. But that doesn’t stop YouTube from trying to provide the best possible experience for viewers and creators alike. YouTube’s latest attempt includes 10 shiny new features that, unlike Cosmic Panda, should be a welcomed addition to the site. The platform confirms it will be rolling out the following over the course of 2015.

10 New YouTube Features for Creators: 2015

So let’s take a look at the new updates from YouTube that promise to offer better comment management, increased mobile functionality for analytics and subscriptions, and 3D video support. You can catch up with all the details from YouTube in its latest video announcement:

#1 YouTube Updates Comment Ranking and Management

YouTube has been working hard on overhauling the comments system in the past couple of years to ensure that junk comments have much less of an impact than the used to. The new update should help creators who are receiving a lot of comments reply more effectively to their audience – especially the ones who matter the most.

#2 New Mobile YouTube Notifications

This change is long overdue. Soon, YouTube will allow an opt-in to mobile notifications for videos so you never miss out on content from your favorite creators ever again. Sub boxes used to be my favorite place to see great content, but with so much coming in to the site and changes to the look of the subscription page, I’ve started relying more on e-mail notifications when my favorite creators post. It was really the next best thing. Some of you may have been getting notifications if you’re G+ users, but this change will hopefully make it harder to miss out on seeing your favorite content.

#3 New YouTube Interactive Card Types

YouTube rolled out Interactive Cards back in March 2015, If you aren’t familiar with cards, think of them as annotations that have been updated to look more current and get more interaction. YouTube will be expanding the types of cards included which should help you better when cross-promoting your content with another channel.

#4 Better Subscription Management on Mobile

It seems like ensuring fans are getting what they want is a top priority with this set of changes. YouTube is adding improvements around the mobile app to help make it easier for viewers to get into their subscriptions feed. My list of e-mail notifications and subscription box really act as a checklist to ensure I’ve watched what I want to, so any change that makes those easier to use should be welcomed. My only hope is that they revert back to the old subscription feed, which I still have to use browser extensions to utilize as best as possible.

#5 Enhanced Mobile YouTube Analytic Insights

YouTube is promising more insights on the mobile platform, which is definitely a good thing. Despite a lot of the improvements in recent years, I still find myself most comfortable on YouTube when I’m on desktop and looking at analytics is no exception.

#6 More Effective Channel Management via Mobile

Another upcoming change is the ability to better manage custom thumbnails and monetization settings in the mobile apps. These should be of huge benefit to creators, especially those who run travel blogs or like to go to conferences like VidCon and Playlist Live. I constantly find myself trying to upload a daily update video, only to need to rush off to my next event. These features will allow you to get the upload rolling but still be able to play with the settings of the finished product away from your desktop.

#7 More 3D Video Support

YouTube rolled out 360 video earlier this year and it’s just now starting to see more common use. Not to be stopped there, YouTube is looking to add 3D content to the site. It feels like there is a never-ending trend to make things in 3D happen for both movie and video. While it can make for a cool gimmick here and there, I can’t imagine this will have any more impact that other attempts.

#8 New Livestreaming and Gaming App

Google failed to acquire Twitch, so it appears they are making changes to better compete with them instead. They are promising better live streaming capabilities and a new YouTube specific gaming app. I imagine this is something that was at the top of the priority list for YouTube, as gamers account for a significant portion of their audience. This is a great thing for gamers especially as it allows them to more easily keep all of their gaming endeavors under one roof.

#9 More Support for Creator Community

This would be #1 on the list for me. Despite all of the extras that Google has put into YouTube over the years, the community is the cornerstone of what makes the site work. Connecting with other creators and fans is really what has made the site the best destination for video in my eyes. Although there are other forums from both the community and MCNs that have cropped up to support communication between creators, it appears YouTube will now be supporting that effort as well.

#10 Updates to Creator Academy

Every creator should be looking for ways to make better content and YouTube better. YouTube is working hard to be THE source for how to YouTube by adding more content and recommended courses to the Creator Academy.

As a whole, the changes really highlight where YouTube is weak these days as a platform. So it’s no surprise that YouTube is focusing these changes on improving mobile for creators, strengthening live streaming capabilities for gamers and re-investing in the community. YouTube will need to succeed in these key areas to fend off competitors to the space and creators should be able to benefit from improvements in those areas in the coming months.

What do you think of the new features? Let us know in the comments below.

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