YouTube Video Encoding Settings & Best Practices

YouTube Video Encoding Settings & Best Practices

Video encoding is the process of making the video compatible to play on different browsers, players and on the mobiles. Video become the essential and vital component in the marketers strategy while targeting with the video as their main medium for advertising the things. So, the video must be reached to the audience whatever medium they used to watch that particular video you have created. That means, the video can be watched by the audience through various web players, mobile device players etc, so, if your video cannot be played on mobile because of compatibility issues. Then the whole effort of creation become waste and of no use. So, the video encoding is very much essential for the creators, marketers and the individuals to reach the large audience.

Best practices for YouTube Video, Encoding Settings

According to the YouTube platform, it offers the two types of standards for the video content, one is standard quality and other one is professional quality content. You have to know clearly about the various settings while going with the video encoding on YouTube. The YouTube platform only takes the multiple formats which include with Mov, Avi, Wmv, Flv formats to its platform. So, before uploading the video on to the YouTube platform, you must test the formats that were compatible with the platform. The frame composition on YouTube is 4:3 native and 16:9 resolutions with a frame rate of 24p. YouTube delivers up to 1080px high quality resolutions for your audience.

Video Codecs and upload Time on YouTube

Sometimes, many users to keep their video file in the same format and will not get encoded to the format. But, it will not work always and especially for the starters, YouTube generally uses more than one codec and every codec encoded with the various resolutions. The upload time is also based on the quality of the content as the quality increase the size of the file increases and hence requires more time and patience. But the results definitely favors you.

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