Youtube Video Marketing Tips That Work Like Crazy


Video marketing is much like building a website or writing an article.
The most important video marketing tips youtube that anyone can give to newbies is to tell them to plan their videos properly before they upload them.

Just as when you build a website, you need to do your keyword research.

With making videos, you need to ensure that you have a clear structure to it, especially if it is trying to sell something.

The principles are thus.

1) Introduce yourself, and the product briefly.

2) Give them the benefits and what’s in it for them

3) Give them testimonials or social proof is possible.

4) Tell them where you can get your product.

Video Marketing Tips: Part Two

Most Youtube videos suck.

Why is this?

Well, simply, because they forget about little things such as lighting, or captions, etc.

And, when it comes to uploading to video sharing sites such as Youtube, they forget that you have to do a little bit of SEO before hand.

Video Marketing Tips Youtube: Part Three

Before you upload, you need to do some keyword research like you would for a website.

Videos rank better in Google, but, you still need to choose the right keyword for it otherwise it won’t get the ranking it deserves.

Long tail keywords are generally better than short tails, but, you could find an exception to that rule if your video is good enough and you share it as soon as it is uploaded via social bookmarking sites or your social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Google own Youtube, and so the process of SEO is very similar, so you need to make sure you are getting your on page video SEO done right.

Another important tip is to ensure that the message is clear.

Some video marketers forget to do this, and make a video without any clear message there.

With video, you have to make sure that you pull in the viewer straight away.

If it is a face to face one, with you talking to camera, try to break this up with either an image of your product, or service, or whatever it is you are talking about, and continue to do this throughout the video depending on how long it is.

Keep your audience or target market engaged.

If it is a sales video this is even more important!

Your video marketing will get better with practice, but with so many cost effective start up softwares there is no excuse to not dabble in some video marketing right now!



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