YouTube Video Tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

YouTube Video Tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google tag manager allows the users to update the videos quickly. Updating means there are many tags along with the snippets on the website as well as on the mobile applications can be help in analyzing the traffic and the marketing. By using the Google tag manager, you can update the Google Ad words and the analytics for your YouTube videos. This helps in reducing the big mistakes or errors that are generally flow in your YouTube videos too. The Google tag manager is useful for the Mobile apps, web as well for tracking the YouTube videos.

The tags are nothing but the code of the snippet which sends the information to the third party and manages the solution with the google tag manager within the user interface.

Tracking of YouTube videos using the google tag manager

  • Get an account with the Google tag manager
  • Create a macro name and select the type as a Custom Java Script
  • This will check whether the YouTube video had embedded on the web page or not
  • Click save button by copy pasting the text box
  • Create new HTML tag with concern specification depending on your requirements
  • Create universal analytic tags with the complete specification by providing the tracking ID and the type of event
  • Save your new tag
  • Preview and debug the tags
  • Publish the new container version
  • Embed the Youtube video
  • Play and pause it
  • Check the real time event reports
  • Get detailed view of insight

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