YouTube views rise over 90% in South Africa

YouTube views rise over 90% in South Africa


Rebecca  Hawkes | 21-03-2014

YouTube is witnessing an explosion of viewers in South Africa, with a 90%  increase recorded in 2013, according to the Google-owned company.

South Africans are embracing the online video sharing platform like never  before, with 70% of them aged between 18 and 34.

“According to a recent survey, these young South Africans are constantly  connected and, if they need answers to something, they are more likely to  consult their smartphones than another person nearby. This same group move back  and forth between different devices and 88% of them are online daily,” said  Jared Molko, YouTube brand partnerships lead at Google South Africa.

“Entertainment and comedy are the most consumed content category by South  Africans on YouTube and this is something South African creators really  understand. Research also shows that 63% of YouTube users talk about what they  see on YouTube with their peers,” he added.

Six billion hours of YouTube content is watched globally each month, with  almost 40% of this now viewed on mobile devices. On average, 60% of a channel’s  views come from outside the creator’s home country.

In South Africa, the newly released statistics suggest 55% of users agree  that YouTube has more unique content than TV and 70% of users see YouTube as the  first place to go when looking for online content.

The top ten rated YouTube shows in South Africa last year were PewDiePie,  TheEllenShow, TheXFactorUSA, JennaMarbles, JustForLaughsTV, ERB, mducomics,  failarmy, RayWilliamJohnson and BeeldVideo.

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