Youtube vs. Vimeo

Youtube vs. Vimeo

Like any great comparison debate, certain parameters have to be established for the argument to have structure and make sense. Other wise, it’d be like comparing apples to oranges – or Michael Jordan to Lebron James. In this post, where we’ve pitted Youtube against Vimeo, we naturally also need to figure out exactly what we’re judging.


The question we propose then is: Which site should you use to upload your video for the purpose of “business”.

And by business, we mean something with a marketing or branding purpose. This is in opposition to funny videos/short films/cat videos/personal/etc.

First on the docket? Let’s start with exposure, your honor.


EXPOSURE: Youtube being significantly larger as a video search engine than Vimeo should not come as much surprise. After all, Youtube has a high-end estimated 450 million unique visitors a month. Compare that to a measly 17 million for Vimeo and you’ve got a rather large discrepancy between the # of viewership. If your goal is to generate the largest buzz, create the most traffic, and get your video out into the public eye,  Youtube takes this one by a landslide.

Verdict: Youtube


MAKING THE MONEY: When it comes to trying to make some money off videos, Youtube offers the ability to sell ads on your video. They offer it in the form of pre-rolls (ads before your video), overlay ads (ads that pop up at the bottom of the video), and banner ads (ads that appear next to the video). The cons of this is that ads generally take away from your video, annoy users, and the monetary gains are relatively low unless your video becomes a viral hit. On the other hand, Vimeo has donations buttons or you could enable the “charge-to-view” options. These means are less intrusive but then again, you’re probably generating less revenue.

What we say is that you shouldn’t worry about “making money” through online videos – at least when your purpose is business. Becoming a corporate Youtube star with a consistent stream of revenue based off viral videos is a tough task. It’s best to just let those views and revenue come to you naturally, anyways.

Verdict: Doesn’t matter

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