YouTuber Adds Background Playback & Download Options To YouTube App [Jailbreak]

YouTuber Adds Background Playback & Download Options To YouTube App [Jailbreak]

We’re going to start this of by saying that music piracy is not okay. It’s not, and you shouldn’t do it. Moving on, YouTube is so much more than just music videos; it’s an amazing place to find tutorials from something as simple as folding a t-shirt to as complex as developing apps. People upload a great variety of content (that is not copy right protected) and YouTuber is a Cydia tweak available in the ModMyi repository that lets you download YouTube videos in low, medium, or high quality and import them to your camera roll. The tweak can also block ads in the app but if you’re benefiting from someone’s content on YouTube, you should watch that ad. It can also play YouTube videos in the background and play high quality videos on 3G and 4G.

Install the tweak and head over to the Settings app to enable the downloader and background playback. Once the background playback option has been enabled, you can play a video and switch to a different app. The audio will continue to play in the background.

To download a video that you want to watch offline, open it in the YouTube app and tap the more options button at the top right of the video player. The usual drop-down will open with adjustments for quality, closed captions, and reporting the video with an added download button. Tap it and wait for the app to ask what video quality you want to download. Regarding the quality of the video that is downloaded, the tweak doesn’t define quality in terms of resolution like the YouTube app does. We can assume that if you download a video in low quality, you are downloading the lowest quality available and, likewise, if you’re downloading the maximum quality, you’re downloading the highest resolution but it’s not clear what resolution ‘Medium’ corresponds to.

Select the quality and you will get a notification alerting you that the video is downloading. You can switch to a different app while it downloads. Once it’s complete, you will be asked to import it to your camera roll.

The tweak is free and works without a glitch. It’s compatible with the latest version of the YouTube app which must be installed on your device. It is not meant to work if you open a YouTube video in a browser so the official YouTube app is a must have.

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