YouTuber Takes #selfieswithstrangers to a Whole New Level

YouTuber Takes #selfieswithstrangers to a Whole New Level

What are we to do when the standard selfie becomes boring and mundane? Well, I’m pretty sure 23-year-old YouTuber Jason Rodjanapanyakul figured it out.

Video camera in hand, Rodjanapanyakul went around a Seattle mall shouting “selfie” before “snapping” a photo with whoever his victim — or victims — were. Ranging from fairly standard to hilarious, the responses he got were overall positive. In fact, Rodjanapanyakul points out that only two or so of the 50 people he approached didn’t seem to enjoy having their #selfiewithstrangers taken.

As to why he did it, Rodjanapanyakul told ABC News the following:

In a nutshell, my goal is to entertain viewers who are looking for a giggle and at the same time inspire people to overcome their apprehension of social interactions […] The uprising of these YouTube channels consisting of social experiments/pranks are not only giving people a laugh or two, but they also serve a purpose of inspiring others to leave their comfort zone.

Notwithstanding the deeper purpose at play, the social experiment certainly makes for some hilarious moments that’ll get a giggle or two out of viewers (and participants, too). Be sure to give the three-minute video above a watch and get your laughs in for the weekend.

(via ABC News)

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